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nekonekokitty in brokeassgourmet

Quick Question

I'm in a bit of a bind in the house I moved into recently our stove is propane and the oven flat out doesn't work, but even if we got it fixed we still couldn't use it since the deposit to turn on the propane is the same as our rent ($700) and we just can't afford it. So right now we have one electric burner and a microwave, oh and I rice pot, to work with and it's just not working out for me. Does anyone have any good recipes that doesn't require much in the way of cooking. I'm just tired of the canned foods and microwave meals. I have a few things I can do but it's so frustrating. I'm looking into getting an electric range but until then it's been very difficult. Thank you for any help.


When you say electric burner, do you mean like one stovetop burner? That's all I had when I lived in Prague for school and we made tons of stuff - quasadillas, pasta, stirfry, mac and cheese, to name a few.
I had one burner to use when I lived overseas, and I found ham to be very useful. Since it's already smoked/cooked, it just needs to be heated, meaning you don't let one part of your meal get too cold while you're cooking the other. One easy, quick and yummy (plus filling) dish was to make a pot of couscous. When you take it off the burner to steam/finish cooking, put some cubed ham and peas in a frying pan to heat through. Add to couscous, add shredded cheese if desired, then add BBQ sauce. Stir and enjoy! Plus of course grilled ham & cheese sandwiches - on bread or in a tortilla.