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inizitu in brokeassgourmet

Chicken and Rice

This recipe is all over the internet, and probably a staple in lots of homes, but I'm reposting it because I made it for the first time last night.  Amounts aren't so important as proportions.

Cream of Something Soup- I like cream of mushroom, but chicken would work really well.  You could also use cream of celery, broccoli- I bet a decent broccoli cheese soup, like Wolfgang Puck or Whole Foods 365 Organic would be good. The 365 is relatively cheap
Chicken - I used breast because it's what I had on hand. Figure roughly 4 breasts to one can of mushroom soup.
Rice and Stock- 1/2 to 1/4 cup of rice is a serving for me.  1/2 to 1 cup is a serving for my boyfriend.  You know how much you eat.  Use 1-1.5 cups of stock to every cup of rice.
Spices- I used sage and nutmeg last time. Rosemary is good with both chicken and mushrooms.  Herbes De Provence would probably bea  tasty way to fancify the dish. Mixing dijon mustard in with the mushroom soup to taste would be yummy, too.

Pour rice and stock into a casserole dish. Mix well. Then add cream soup. Add cream soup and spices and mix.  Top with chicken.  Cover with foil, bake at 375 until rice is soft and chicken isn't raw.  Cheap, easy and endless possibilities.

Variations on the theme

Tuna instead of chicken, with large quantities of dill, or the mushroom-mustard sauce
Beef and mushrooms.
Replace creamy soup with a variation on African peanut soup (I have a recipe for that I'm going to try and repost if it's good. )
Go veggie and use seitan.
Add curry to a cream soup or make a yogurt based curry sauce. 


how do I join the community?

I'm new to LJ and don't know what I'm doing yet. How do I join it your new community? or just add it as as a friend, or what? TIA

Re: how do I join the community?

Never mind. I figured it out. Thanks.

Re: how do I join the community?

i'm new, too! this is the first community I've started. Yup, just friend it. You'll be given an option to watch or join. Watching is just reading the posts, joining lets you post.


I make this on occasion, I'm partial to dumping bag of frozen veggies in it to round out the food "groups" (like cream of soup is a food group). This can also be done with water and buillon or soup mix (like Lipton French Onion, that sort of thing).